The Build

The Fire Truck Build

(A Brief Description Full photos in the build gallery)

After many months of searching the web for a suitable 7.5ton chassis truck to convert for a full-time live in lorry We came across this 27year old Iveco Zeta 79/14 fiberglass high top. It was ex fire service to my local council Nottinghamshire, which was for sell by a private seller on ebay who brought the vehicle from them. I’ve seen Zeta’s for sale but very rarely or in bad conditions! This one was located only 30miles away and was meant to be. So in approx. late July 2016 We purchased the truck on impulse and the kind guy delivered it on his low loader.

Due to other commitments and the birth of our second child Baby Luna we didn’t get started on the conversion until January 2017 about 5 months after the purchase but the truck felt right and we knew that they were hard to come by.

This was now home to the truck for the next 18 months while we slowly converted it in our spare time.                                                                                                                                                                        First job was to remove and unwanted internal                                       cladding and strip it back to the bare walls.                                                                                                          Being ex Fire Service the truck itself was low miles                                                                                    and well serviced so most the work was the                                                                                                internal conversion.

Part of the stripping out was to lift the wooden floor to insulate with 25mm celotex and grind any rust and treat with red oxide paint. Another job involved in stripping out was removing unwanted cables and cut the metal bulk head out.



Once the Bulk head was cut out, I planned to have the cab roof lowered to allow for a little kids bunk over the cab. I contracted a mobile welder to install a frame over the cab   

Once all the cuts have been done it was mainly insulating the walls and fitting the ply walls ready for the stud work to build the layout etc.



Then I did the prep work underneath                                                                                                                                              ready for the welder to weld tank brackets                                                                                                        for the 250 liter water tank and 80 liter grey


             Insulating and cladding the roof                                                                      was a bit tricky!                                                                                                                                                    not easy working upside down.


 Stud work and the start of fitting bathroom and kitchen.


Log burner installed, lights and solar system up and running plus kitchen installed linked to the 55 liter  Gas It LPG cylinder bolted underneath.


Again full photos of the build are in the build gallery to give you a better idea of the work involved in the conversion.

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Fire Truck Dave.